ECFan Retrofit 1

The video is showing a retrofit project, in which an old backward curved belt driven radial fan was replaced with an ECFanGrid. A Rosenberg ECFanGrid consists out of X Rosenberg EC-Fans arranged in a grid. The resulting Air Flow is proportional to the number of Fans, whereas the Pressure remains the same.

ECFan Retrofit 2

It is a Plug & Play System. With the associated wiring cabinet, which is specially voted on redundancy requirements a Rosenberg ECFanGrid is controllable just like a single EC-Fan (0-10 V, Enable, Alarm, ModBus RTU).

Technical References of ECFan

ECFan is comfortable, controllable, redundancy, flexibility in design, floor-free installation, easy to clean, ease of maintenance and energy efficient.

Induction VAV System

The I-VAV distribution at all load conditions, avoids stagnant corners and ensures continuous flushing of air conditioned space even at all load conditions, higher air temperatures reduce risk of cold drafts. The system operates down to 20% airflow without cold air dumping from the air diffusers. The system operates with lower primary air temperature and less primary airflow -30% reduction.

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