Commercial Air Filtration 

3M™ Commercial HVAC Filters from 3M have a low pressure drop and present an excellent choice as replacement filters for your heating and air conditioning system, helping to provide cleaner indoor air quality (IAQ).

Durkduct Elastomeric Pre-Insulated Air Duct
Durkduct elastomeric pre-insulated air duct system perfectly integrates air duct layer, elastomeric thermal insulation material and outer thermal insulation surface as a whole by patented polymer composited technology. Replacing traditional ductwork, plenum, air damper, air vents, diffuser and thermal insulation in A/C system

EC plug fan

Reduce AHU fan energy use by up to 50% and cut maintenance costs - retrofit highly efficient EC fans to your HVAC system.
Induction VAV

The Induction VAV system works on a similar principle to the standard VAV system varying the quantity of primary cooled air to the room in response to the cooling requirements. However the Induction VAV system takes the energy saving capability and comfort levels of the system to a higher level. The traditional design of VAV would have problem of stagnant air during the autumn and winter seasons. The design of induction VAV box would get rid of this problem by induction and mixing of room air at low load condition in order to maintain the air movement.

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